We choose Jeval Italy Hair Colour for our clients

We want the very best for our clients, giving the very best results with extra care.

We have done our research and discovered Jeval colour & retail brand, is as natural as you can get in the professional colour range, the colour swatches are true to colour and gives a beautiful finished result without any damage.

Natural botanical plant base
The natural botanical plant base is kind and gentle to the hair and scalp, preserving and protecting the hair during the colouring process. Jeval Italy Hair Colour also contains glycolic vegetable extracts to re-balance the hydro-lipidic value that is fundamental for softness, shine and tangle-free hair.

Low ammonia formulation
Formulated with an average of 1% ammonia reduces sensitisation to the scalp and skin. The main benefits of having a low ammonia content is less swelling to the cuticle of the hair, better colour deposition and durability, leaving the hair in better condition with amazing shine.

100% grey coverage
Smaller molecular weight colour pigments aid in superior colour absorption effectively providing 100% grey coverage, optimum colour penetration and lasting colour.


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