About our hair treatments

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

A revolution in hair smoothing & conditioning.

Do you want Smooth, Silky Hair all day every day? You will love this Keratin Hair Treatment if you have Frizzy, curly, unruly or chemically damaged hair, then this service will make your hair super smooth, silky and absolutely resistant to humidity and frizz. Lasts up to five months.

Who do we recommend treatments for?

If you bleach your hair all the timeIf your hair is fine and damaged You have dramatically changed your hair colour shades


Replicates and rebuilds the natural structure of hair.

A revolutionary biomimetic system that allows you to lighten & colour without compromising the integrity of the hair. Vitaplex protects the hair during the chemical process, minimising breakage, reducing cuticle damage & improving elasticity.

Intensive stand alone treatment
For dry brittle, over processed or damaged hair, this service ensures you have the best foundation possible for fabulous hair. The intensive treatment repairs existing damage by building new bonds and repairing broken bonds in the hair. Improve the condition of your hair by reducing porosity, increasing elasticity and manageability. Ideal for those looking to repair previous damage or in preparation for an upcoming transformation or lightning service. Suitable for all hair types.

Colour upgrade service
A true game changing service which actively protects and rebuilds your hair during lightening or colouring to prevent further damage. This service is ideal for colour transformations as well as regular lightening treatments to repair and protect hair. It will also help your colour stay vibrant and last longer. Suitable for all hair types.


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