Lash Lifts - What's all the fuss about

If you've never had a Lash Lift - you will want to try one!  But caution - you will get hooked. 

This is a revolutionary technique that gives volume, curl and length to your natural lashes. No perm rods needed, instead we use a specially shaped silicone shield around the eye. This makes sure that the product used does not touch the sensitive area around the eye.  To give your lashes that desired length and volume, an eye-safe adhesive is then applied to the top of the pad, brushing your lashes upwards. Then a special lash lifting solution is applied.  This solution softens the bond of your lashes, molding them into the shape that the adhesive has set them into.  After 20 minutes the adhesive is carefully removed and your lashes will be totally flutter worthy!

This whole treatment takes around one hour and includes a Lash Tint for that gorgeous ultimate eye enhancing look.  The Lash Lift uses your natural lashes to create the coveted wide-eyed look and so this amazing treatment will last you up to 6-8 weeks.  Even better, there is no need for any maintenance treatments in between. 

How will you look after a Lash Lift?  Well, your eyes will appear more wide, more open and your face and eyes will have a more youthful appearance.  We like to call this 'smiling eyes' appearance. 

Very little post care is needed, just keep your lashes dry and makeup free for 24 hours and avoid any creams or lotions that are oil based.  After that, don't use waterproof mascara, an eyelash curler, avoid steam and try not to rub or irritate your eyes. 

That's it. What are you waiting for. Book now for this ultimate eye enhancing treatment. 


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